What we do

We bring scientists, artists, philosophers and media producers together to tell stories of science through creative clades. Each clade is formed of a three-part system that includes:

– a video documentary

– an audio exploration

– a written article or photo essay


You can think of each clade as a loosely affiliated but related family; a group associated by a common topical theme. We borrowed the term from taxonomy – the science of identifying distinctions between biological species.

By telling our stories through these partial and different forms of media, we hope to reveal emerging, complex, and conflicting insights into aspects of the how science shapes our world today.

We follow the theoretical physicist and feminist philosopher of science Karen Barad’s observation that we have to draw lines or make cuts in the world to be able to describe anything, and therefore arrive at meaning. We tell stories by drawing lines around a topic using a combination of video, audio and writing to playfully engage with science and its greater social implications.

“Knowing is not a bounded or closed practice but an ongoing performance of the world.” – Karen Barad